HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY YOU GUYS! The perfect gift for a succulent lover like me! These succulent frame kits are perfect for any budget ranging from $22-$64! The beauties pictured below are from Planted Places and they include everything you need (moss/soil/frame/succulents) so all you have to do is unpack & create! Pictured are 2 of the medium 12 in x 11 in frames with the included succulents! (Total cost with shipping = $140) These will be hung on a wall in my kitchen beside a really big window for maximum light to grow, grow, grow! After the succulents are planted it takes several months for them to grow roots strong enough to keep them in place! So have a little patience and let them sit for a while and take root!

Do you want to start your own succulent wall? Shop here-

Jordan Brennan