My first Christmas without my Mom. It’s truly hard to comprehend. I’ve had really dark moments this year.. moments when I wondered how to continue living this life without my best friend, my biggest cheerleader & the funniest person I know. My life seems so empty without her. I make myself go on because I know it’s what she would want… and because of the constant reminders from family, friends, and even strangers on social media that give me the reassurance that she is still with me. I hold on to that so dearly. My Mom was known for many things but a big one is how amazing she wrapped presents. People called her presents works of art and she was constantly told that “they are simply too beautiful to open.” My Mom made Christmas so special for me. Each year the presents had a color theme- and I woke up to an artist’s vision on Christmas morning every year. I wanted her memory to live on and picked my theme and tried so hard to make handmade bows & wrap perfectly all while trying to feel her presence with me. My color theme was blush, white, & gold. I was really happy with the way it turned out! It’s the girliest Christmas I’ve ever had.. but the pink is a good way to cheer up my broken spirits. I hope you like them!

Jordan BrennanComment