The Gem State.

Known for potatoes, rafting, skiing, hiking, and for me that one time I drove 15 hours from LA to watch the Solar Eclipse (worth it). This time I was coming to Idaho for a friend’s wedding in Sun Valley. The Limelight Hotel in Ketchum hosted us and the property was stunning! It’s walking distance to so many cute shops & restaurants!


The staff was great! On Saturday night I felt like I was getting a cold and the front desk manager drove me to a pharmacy at 1am to get NyQuil so I could sleep! I was so impressed by that!


This pet friendly modern hotel can cost from around $400/night for their standard king room up to $950/night for their suite.  

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They say the sky is bluer in Idaho and that was true! What a gorgeous state! I was determined to see a hot spring I had heard of that was in Stanley, Idaho. The only free time I had to make this trip was the day after the wedding. I was so hungover I actually cried when I woke up. HAH- old lady can’t hang anymore! I forced myself in the car with advil & water shaking a little as I sat in the passenger side and went on one of the most miserable yet most beautiful drives of my life. Boat Box Hot Spring. I had seen it on a travel channel show featuring the “Best Hot Springs” in the world years ago and never forgot about it. It was an hour away and I buckled up for what I didn’t realize would be winding roads & steep drop offs. We saw a ton of deer, chipmunks & even an eagle on this 1 hour scenic drive. It was well worth it. I had no directions except for that the hot spring would be right off of State Highway 75 on the bank of the Salmon River. 


We were so lucky to finally find it after passing it 3 times and having to ask for directions. Soaking in this cauldron while taking in the view was the perfect hangover cure. I didn’t want to leave! The hot water in this tub comes from a pipe stuck into the riverbank and can be draped over the tub’s rim to add more. The water is scalding hot so be careful! For cooler water, a bucket is nearby for adding river water but when I went somebody had punched a million holes in it. Thankfully it was the perfect temperature! 


Idaho’s “things to do” changes depending on the season! Check the weather before booking your trip!

  • Summer: Go whitewater rafting in Stanley & relax in the hot springs with a bottle of wine afterward!

  • Fall: Learn how to fly fish amongst the gorgeous yellow aspens!

  • Winter: Go skiing on Bald Mountain!

  • Spring: Take a sunrise hike in the brisk spring mountain air & shop for gems later in the afternoon!


Eat potatoes & take scenic drives! This state is breathtaking!