relax in roatan

My first trip to Central America!

It was love at first sight! I loved waking up to crystal clear water views from my jungle bungalow and being surrounded by the sounds of monkeys and birds...

paradise is the place for me.  


1. The staff is AMAZING! 

2. The view is the best on the island, period. 

3. The swim up bar is incredible. 

4. The snorkeling in front of the hotel is the best on the island- hands down. 

5. Clean, modern & spacious rooms. 

6. The hotel felt 5 star and luxury but still cozy and friendly.

7. Did I mention the staff was unreal? It was so sad to tell them goodbye. 

8. Concierge to help you with all bookings. 

9. The staff serves you while you're on the beach as well. 

10. Central American culture and American creature comforts. 


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From Animal Sanctuaries with baby jaguars to swimming with dolphins in the ocean- this island has it all! Spending the day on Little French Key was amazing! Animals are rescued from Circuses around the world and brought here to live a better life. The cruelty of animals living in the circus is unbelieveable. (PLEASE help be the voice for them and stop supporting them.)

 Make sure you get here early! When we were here there were only 20 other people there but that's because we were here during the low season! The owner told us that cruise lines and crowds can make this place have a totally different vibe! So if the cruise ships are in dock don't go.. wait until you can have this little slice of paradise all to yourself. Okay, now let's talk about swimming with the dolphins. I was SO skeptical of this. As many of you know I consider myself an animal activist! I believe that animals belong in the wild- PERIOD. I would never go to a zoo or step anywhere near a SeaWorld. (If you haven't seen the movie Blackfish- please, watch it) So when the chance to swim with the dolphins in the wild presented it self to me I decided to do a lot of research. I asked literally every single person I met on the island what Anthony's Key reputation was and if these dolphins REALLY were in the wild and taken care of. Everybody had great things to say so after much reading and asking friends who had been before, I decided to go. I asked the people who work there point blank "what makes this place better than SeaWorld?" before I would get on the boat.. 

This was his response: 

1. They are in their natural environment. They're in the ocean- with waves, with other fish, with sand... not an aquarium. They are never taken from their families. They are never forced to be here. 

2. They can leave at any time. They take the dolphins out into the open ocean and let them swim and chase the boat. If they wanted to leave.. they would.

3. Dolphins love to hunt. When they are in an aquarium they are no longer in their natural environment & no longer have fish to hunt. They love chasing fish and hunting on their own and taking that away from them drives them crazy. 

So I went. 

 I loved swimming with them. I did the snorkel and we swam for about an hour. They were so playful with me! Swimming with them was an incredible experience. 

I was fighting back tears as I did backflips in the water with them. 

I love all animals so much but marine life has this giant place in my heart.

It's really hard for me to give an opinion on this place. It was an amazing experience and I loved it... But I also feel that when humans profit from the use of tourism with animals... that it's usually not in the best interest of my animal kingdom friends. I did the Dolphin Snorkel & The Dolphin Encounter. I think the best experience would have hands down been the Dolphin Dive. Im not scuba certified (YET) but that excursion includes going out into the open ocean and swimming with them and I would have enjoyed that way more.