bali baby

Bali. A bucket list trip for me. You really feel like you're on the other side of the world. Bali surprised me a lot! I pictured a bunch of hippies doing yoga poses in rice fields everywhere you looked. I saw NO yoga but I did see a ton of rice fields. It was CRAZY busy! LA streets feel like a tiny hick town in comparison. If I closed my eyes I would think I was in New York City. It was electrifying and also absolutely terrifying. I prayed during 99% of our rides begging God to let me live. People could CARE LESS about the speed limit. Hah, what speed limit?! Its a free for all & seems to be a contest of who can get there the fastest.

But, buckle up baby because Bali is worth it.

Its gorgeous! And these friendly Hindus will keep you nonstop smiling! You can't not smile when you're there. The locals are SO grateful for your tourism and they let it show! I absolutely love that about Indonesia! You are so welcomed everywhere you go! It's incredible! This country makes you realize money can't buy happiness. Some of the most dirt poor people are fishing for their dinner in the ditch and they can't seem to stop laughing. They are infectious and you can't help but what to know their secret is to this ultimate euphoria. 

I was there for 1 week and then spent the rest of my time in Lombok, Indonesia in the Gili Islands. If you go to Bali and don't visit the islands I named my dog after you will regret it... for the rest of your life. Click here for more info on Gili Trawangan. 

But let's get back to Bali. 

If you have 1 week here I'll break down my day to day for you and let you know where I went and where I stayed below:


Ubud: (2 day minimum) 

Hotel: Villa Semana Resort

Things to do: 

1. Nur Salon- Javanese 2 hour massage 

2. Dinner- Three Monkeys

3. Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary 

4. Casa Luna Cooking School 

5. Ayung River Rafting Adventure 

6. Coffee Tasting


Southern Bali: (3 day minimum)

Hotel: The Mahagiri Dreamland Villas and Spa 

(the staff at this hotel is INCREDIBLE!! we did a private 3 bedroom villa with private pool for under $200 a night! Ahh, it's amazing how far the US dollar goes in Indonesia! I felt like a QUEEN! this hotel in the states would have easily been over $2,000/night. GO HERE

Beaches to go to: 

1. Dreamland (massage on beach)

2. Padang Padang (massage on the beach/ monkeys)

3. Uluwatu (have lunch at Single Fin & go to Uluwatu Temple)

4. Jimbaran Bay (dinner at Blue Marlin on the beach)

5. Seminyak (dinner at Potatoe Head)


Gili Trawangan: (3 day minimum)

Hotel: Villa Ombak Sunset 

Things to do:

1. Take a bike ride around the island 

2. Go on the snorkleing boat excursion to the other islands (best $10 of your life)

(Gili Air & Gili Meno are quiet and absolutely beautiful)

3. Turtle Conservation

4. Do absolutely nothing but soak in the sun :)


 - If you have time add Nusa Lembongan on the list for a few days as well! -