escaping to the exumas

I'm obsessed with clear water. I have to admit that most of my vacations are planned around "clearest water in the world" pinterest searches. I love to take underwater photos with all of my fish friends so I need that clarity! Look no longer people,

I have found the clearest water on earth.

All 700 of the Bahamas islands are known for the clear water but Staniel Cay in the Exumas take clear to a whole new level. We went island hopping to private islands and snorkeled where few people have ever been. It was incredible! Cruising around in the waters that looked like they belonged in a pool we could spot so much sea life from the boat! I found a baby octopus in a gorgeous conch shell, swam with nurse sharks and found starfish bigger than my dog. Oh, and we went diving into secret caves and into grottos full of fish. Did I mention jet skiing from Staniel Cay to Pig Island and feeding the pigs? AND feeding the iguanas cherries? Whoever thinks that island vacays are boring have never been with me... 

Must sees:

Thunderbolt Grotto & Pig Island

Must do:

Swim with the sharks at Compass Cay 


clearest water in the world, white sand, great people, huge starfish & tons of sea life


that i don't live here. 

Where I stayed:

Dolce Vita $19,000/ week at Staniel Rents