desert dreaming

It doesn't matter if it's Palm Springs or Death Valley... Borrego Springs or Coachella... I love all of California's drop dead gorgeous deserts. I don't know if it's the cactus, the road runners, the heat or the

pure majestic feeling that comes over you in the desert

but i can't seem to stop coming back and taking pictures of this beautiful place. I've been quietly camping in Death Valley beside some of the biggest sand dunes in the world to dancing my face off in the 100 degree desert of Coachella. It doesn't seem to matter what you do

it's always better in the desert


Let's break down my top 4 spots in cali to get down & dusty in the desert: 


Palm Springs:

mod chic hotels for LA's a-list to slip away for the weekend and sip cocktails by the pool 


festival goers and boho music lovers take the weekend to rage 

Borrego Springs:

this rustic town is right out of a 60's movie scene- get ready to ATV down the dunes 

Death Valley:

the hottest, driest, lowest national park in the world- awe inspiring landscapes that will have you feeling like you're in a mirage 


oh, and go get your damn mind blown just looking at Zabriskie Point