sandy in st. john

Beautiful St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Where can I even begin? Let's start with this..

I cried at the airport when I left.

Of all of the islands I've been to this one defines paradise the most. Yes, more than Bora Bora. From the lush hills to the perfectly placed palms. The friendly Caribbean locals and the never ending shots of fireball have this island checking all of my boxes. No cruise ships dock here so it never felt touristy. And did I mention the Italian food there was better than when I went to Italy? I KNOW IT DOESNT MAKE SINCE BUT IT'S THE TRUTH. Or maybe the pizza tasted extra good after a day of swallowing salt water snorkeling. The donkeys and deer grazing in the fields make you feel this since of comfort like you're at home. Well, maybe that's more for me since I was born in South Carolina.. Anyway, this island has a place in my heart like no other.

I will one day call this place home.

If you haven't caught the sunset at Cinnamon, swam with the turtles in Maho Bay or been to St. John's Christmas in July party.. my friend you haven't lived. 


post card beaches, clear water, no waves (pros for stand up paddle boarders, snorkelers, & free divers like me), great food, lush, tropical, PARADISE.



mosquitos is the only thing i can think of. this island is perfection. 


Best Beaches:

Trunk Bay

Cinnamon Bay

Maho Bay

Waterlemon Cay