aloha oahu

Oahu, Hawaii's most popular island gets a bad wrap for being overly touristy. But truthfully, I think you just need to know where to go and where to avoid. If you stay in Waikiki and never leave you'll probably agree that Oahu is covered in tourist and has no culture. But what if you *gasp* left your hotel and explored?! What if you found a secret beach on the North Shore and did some yoga on top of the palms? Or took a hike and found bananas in the trees? I love Oahu.

The place is crawling in hot surfers

and what gets more Hawaii than that? (Seriously, if you're a single girl- what are you waiting for GO there right now) Yes, it's not as green and covered in waterfalls like Kauai but the vibe there is so cool and the people are awesome. The waves are huge and so are the turtles. The best day on Oahu was spent swimming in the clear waters of Lanikai Beach and then dinner at President Obama's favorite restaurant Buzz's right across the street. The food was AMAZING and those BFRD's (big f*ing rum drink) really lived up to their name. The waitress would only let you order 2 and now I know why. Let's just say I almost missed my flight home the next day... 

Surfs up & Oahu gets a hang 10 in my book! 


Best beach for clear water & swimming:



Best beach for the biggest waves you've ever seen in your entire life:

 Ehukai Beach (aka Pipeline) 


Best restaurant:

Hands down I'm with the President on this one... Buzz's Lanikai