kauai castaway

The beautiful, green, and breathtaking island of Kauai. Now I know why it's called the Garden Isle. 

My first Hawaiian island.

It sure did set the bar high. The greenest place I've ever been & waterfalls everywhere you look. Being surrounded by active, eco-friendly, nature lovers who hike to waterfalls every morning before work... now that's my kind of island. I read somewhere that going to Kauai and not taking a helicopter tour is like going to see the Mona Lisa in Paris and then closing your eyes. I couldn't agree more. You have no idea the lush green mountains you're surrounded by until you get up in the air! And obviously you gotta go no doors so you get the best photos! I would say in the 1 hour tour we saw at least 500 waterfalls- NO JOKE. This was the highlight of our trip for sure. I thought for sure my then boyfriend was going to propose to me up there in

the most amazing moment of my life

but he decided to wait another 2 years until he did that... cool. (We're married now but i'm still slightly bitter about it lol) ANYWAY The next best thing we did was a kayak & hiking tour to Secret Waterfall (aka Uluwehi Falls) in the Wailua River Basin. Covered in mud and hiking through small rivers holding on to ropes this is for the more active traveler. BUT, that being said I saw a few 15 year olds doing it with their parents so cowboy up and go, it's worth it. The only bad part about this is that I got covered in mosquito bites! (Which, if you've been reading my blog you see is a very common occurrence for me). Swimming in the water with the giant falls pouring down was electrifying and made up for the next few itchy days. Did i mention there were roosters crowing and our tour guide busted out a ukulele and started singing while we ate our packed lunch? Next up we hiked the Kalalau Trail. We did the smaller day hike from Ke'e Beach to Hanakāpīʻai Beach (4 miles round trip). The views were stunner but the ground was SLICK. I watched 3 people eat it so wear the right shoes and be careful. My husband came back a few years later and did the full 22 mile hike for his bachelor party and said it was incredible...but he's a maniac so if you are too check that out. For those of us that define hiking as walking in a pretty place for a max of 2-3 hours- we'll stick to the day hike. Until next time Hawaii, Mahalo. 

"Bad and Bougie":

Have breakfast at The St. Regis in Princeville. The view is amazing and the pancakes are to die for. 

Go on the 1.5 hour helicopter ride. It will set you back about $500 per person but i t  i s  w o r t h  i t .

"Leid back": 

Spend the morning relaxing at Ke'e beach & then hike the Kalalau Trail

Go snorkeling at Hideaway Beach & then drive up to all the free waterfalls and take photos.