take me to french polynesia

Bora Bora has been a dream of mine for some time. The over water bungalows above turquoise waters was my ultimate paradise honeymoon. I'm a very "in the middle traveler". What I mean by that is that I don't stay in hostels or crappy hotels but I also don't stay at hotels that cost 2 grand a night. This was a splurge for me! I decided

to hell with my budget

and really spared no expense for my honeymoon. You only live once right? My itenary for Bora Bora went a little like this. Wake up, have a BOMB breakfast at our hotel The Le Meridien... Yo, shoutout to the lady who made my omelet everyday..

DAMN, i'm still dreaming about her.

Then- take a boat out snorkeling/diving with the lemon & reef sharks (the best day ever) Shower.. attempt to make it to a fancy dinner but then order room service instead.. REPEAT. I saw the most diverse fish of my life here. The snorkeling is really incredible. The water is really turquoise (but not bahama clear)... it's actually really extremely salty which is why I think its such a gorgeous color. The salt and white sand mixed into the water is why it's this perfect mint green/aqua color. Sleeping in the bungalow was my favorite part. There was something so exotic about that. My dream home would look a lot like this bungalow. 

Don't miss:

Swimming with the black tip & lemon sharks!

It was one of the best days of my life.


picturesque, great food, overwater bungalows, luxury relaxation, VIP treatment, first island i've ever been to that i didn't get eaten alive with mosquitos, so many sharks :) 


It's expensive here- and you need to be prepared for $30USD bottles of aloe to $20USD bottles of coronas. Locals aren't as friendly as say Indonesia & the Caribbean where they are on happy steroids. People are a bit more reserved and to themselves. 

Need to know:

this place is full of honeymooners & being single and on the island would really suck. matira beach is the only public beach and it's gorgeous- go there. Le Meridien is hands down the best hotel for location/water color & the bungalows are prettiest. BUT don't book ANY activities through the concierge because they totally rip you off and upcharge you. 


Friendly Advice:

 If you go here and don't stay in a bungalow- you're an idiot.

The best part and the only reason to justify spending almost $20 grand on this vacay is the overwater bungalow.

If you're afraid of staying over the water- save your money and go to another island.


R E A S O N S  T O  S T A Y  A T  T H E  L E  M E R I D I E N  H O T E L : 

1. Best view. I know that's a bold statement but the water is the clearest under these bungalows and it's dead center to the mountains. 

2. Best location

3. Restaurant is INCREDIBLE 

4. Ultimate luxury at it's finest. 

5. Private island 

6. Largest clear floor for fish viewing in the bungalow

7. Turtle Sanctuary 

8. Priced fairly (for Bora Bora) 

9. On property PADI dive shop/certification 

10. It's paradise.