gili island fever

When people ask me what my favorite part of my Indonesia trip is, there's no hesitation. The Gili Islands. The island wakes up at 5am with Muslim prayers singing through the speakers of the town. You realize immediately you're far away from home, which is a feeling that I adore. 

I fell in love with the islands so much I named my dog Gili.

 This was the beginning leg of my trip to Bali. I did 3 nights here and then 8 nights in Bali. If I could do it over again I would have stayed here at least a week! The people are absolutely amazing. Everybody here is so friendly and curious about you and your life. No motor vehicles are allowed and people get around by donkey or bicycle.

The culture is out of this world.

The locals selling pearls offered me a necklace worth about $500 in exchange of my husbands t-shirt. I was so stunned?! Apparently cotton is a luxury there and we gladly gave him the shirt off of Patrick's back! Out of the 3 Gili Islands we stayed on the more "popular" island Gili Trawangan. On my next trip I'd stay on Gili Meno or Gili Air for an even more remote experience. This island is CHEAP. I'm talking a 3 hour snorkeling boat tour for $10 cheap. $2 beers cheap. Drop dead gorgeous hotel on the ocean for $90/night cheap. The Muslim prayers and island rooster calls make the sounds of this island

truly unbelievable and magical.

I dare you to come here and not find yourself the most relaxed you've ever been. 


Gili Trawangan: (3 day minimum)

Hotel: Villa Ombak Sunset 

Things to do:

1. Take a bike ride around the island 

2. Go on the snorkleing boat excursion to the other islands (best $10 of your life)

(Gili Air & Gili Meno are quiet and absolutely beautiful)

3. Turtle Conservation

4. Do absolutely nothing but soak in the sun :)

5. Have a photoshoot on the swings in the middle of the ocean- they weren't there when I was here :(