all over mexico

This was my third trip to Mexico and it was the BEST! I love this beautiful country!

From the street tacos to pink lakes it's perfection in my eyes. 


A cute scuba beach town! A great place to hang and enjoy the warm waters and relax. We stayed at Playa Azul for 3 days.. I was a little disappointed. From everything I read its a scuba divers paradise and i'm not certified (YET!! My 2017 resolution is to get certified) A lot of tourist off of the cruises, not really my scene but I hear the diving is GREAT. The beaches were okay but the reef is wrecked from tourism and nothing compared to other islands in the Caribbean from what I saw. If you scuba I think it'd be worth it to check it out but if not I'd spend more time in Akumal & Tulum. 



WOW, i totally screwed this up and didn't realize this is like an all inclusive hotel and they greeted us with champagne & iced towels and i thought i totally scored a great deal. WELL i only booked myself and didn't include my husband so i THOUGHT this hotel was paid for with my points, but then we had to pay to add him to the reservations and that cost us $500. That one hurt- i won't make that mistake again. 

i'm a free diver and snorkel addict.. so I came for the turtles.

Side note- this hotel was luxxxurrryyyy and had better accommodations than the 5 star overwater bungalow we stayed in a few months ago for our honeymoon in Bora Bora so I'd say it wasn't a total loss. Click here for more info on spoiling yourself in Mexico and staying at this amazing resort. 

I took a car from Akumal and did a giant adventure day: 
7:00am- driver picked us up
9:00am- arrived at Chichten Itza (my 2nd wonder of the world) 
10:00am- went to Cenote Ik Kil

I jumped off a cliff into a cenote that didn't look that high & BOY was I wrong. I also received my 10th mosquito bite. I wish everybody loved me as much as they do... lol. 
12:00 got lunch and then drove alllll the way to cotton candy pink lakes. 
4:00 arrived at Las Coloradas.. drove around for a little and then had a shameless instagram photoshoot in front of the pink lakes.. I then had a local tell me to get out of the water. That sucked.. but i later read there are crocodiles that love the swallow pink lakes full of shrimp so I'm glad I listened) 
5:00 A big storm came out of absolutely NOWHERE and ended my pink party!
We drove back to our hotel but not before the driver took us to the sketchiest taco stand in the world where i had the most glorious street tacos of all of my life! I tried the hot sauce they said i was "too white for" and i took it like a champ!! I then downed my entire glass of horchata. Don't know what horchata is? Thank me later & click here
8:00pm arrived at the hotel. 
passsedddd out. 



Beach, sleep, eat repeat. I'm obsessed with this boho beach town! This place is packed full of delicious yet healthy menus, eco friendly accommodations and crawling with super models. Wait, am I back in LA?!? No...the girls aren't topless in LA- we're definitely still in Tulum. But, it's definately LA's playground. The place is full of insta-famous models posing for their best "i'm always on vacay" posts and epic sunsets for snapchat.

Hey, if you can't beat em... join 'em. 

Tulum is hands down my favorite place in mexico. 

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1. Hip & Trendy your thing? You'll love this place. The DJ will have you dancing in the moonlight surrounded by boho hammocks under starry skies. 

Yeah, that's right. 

2. This place is what instagram dreams are made of. So many photo ops your phone will surely die before noon. 

3. It's a scene. Models & celebs galore. This is where you can see all of  "the beautiful people" 

4. Magazine worthy pool and patio

5. It's won basically every single travel award that's been given out by trip advisor.

6. Incredible staff. 

7. Worth the price tag. 

8. Amazing Mexican food that's so fresh you will swear somebody grew the avocados just for you. 

9. Have we talked about the views?

10. Location, location, location...