breathtaking banff

My first time in Canada! I have had Lake Louise pinned on my Pinterest board for quite some time now. I was so skeptical! Seeing the photos you just think to yourself.. THIS CAN'T BE REAL?!

But, it was. 

i woke up in a winter


I flew into Calgary from Los Angeles. A 3 hour direct flight from 90F & sunny to 30F & snowy! We stayed at the Lake Louise Inn and it was the most PERFECT location! Most of the hotels are in Canmore & Calgary and it's such a far drive from all of the best lakes. Let's face it.. if you're booking a trip to Banff-- you're coming to see these insanely blue glacier fed lakes! 

My top Lake List: 


These are some of the most famous lakes in Canada. A lot of people ask why the lakes in Banff are so blue? It's because of the silt (also called rock flour). It's created when the rocks underneath the surface of the ice are grinding from the movement of the glacier. The sunlight that reflects off this rock is what gives the lakes their amazing blue green color! 


Where to stay?


Reasons I love this hotel: 

1. The perfect location

2. The perfect price point!

3.  Super cute lodge in the middle of Banff National Park

4. Pet friendly rooms options! 

5. Amazing staff

6. Restaurant inside the hotel!

(Perfect for cold nights when you want to stay in) 

7. Indoor pool & hot tub

8. Opened for all 4 seasons

9. Complimentary bike rentals 

10. Shuttle to Lake Louise 


What to do?

This really depends on what season you're coming in! In the summer you can bike, hike, canoe & even jump in the freezing glacier lakes! BUT- beware of the crowds this season brings. Summer will find you right smack in the middle of tourist season. The winter brings beautiful scenes out of a Christmas Card but you're more limited. Canoes for rent are closed & hikes are pretty miserable in the cold conditions. But you're more likely not to get mauled by a grizzly bear since they'll be hibernating! There are pros and cons! You just have to ask yourself what you're more willing to give up.

I gave up my chance to canoe to avoid the crowds.

But with that being said I think September is the best month to go. You'll avoid summer vacations since kids are back in school & still have great weather! Our trip was suppose to be in September but we ended up having to push it until October! It's crazy how the weather changed in the 3 weeks we pushed the trip! September had 80 during the day and 60 during the night! Then BAM October was 40 during the day and 20s during the night! Being from LA I had NO idea I was in for snow up to my hips but I have to admit.. I loved it! It's so nice to experience winter.. (for a week!)



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